Shipping Container Restaurant Design

Shipping Container Restaurants

Shipping Container Restaurants

Would you like to test a new market for your restaurant, but don’t want to work out of a food truck? Do you have a great idea for a new restaurant concept and want to be both eco-friendly and cost effective? Or are you looking to expand your restaurant to new, permanent locations quickly? These are all excellent reasons to build a shipping container restaurant.

Huge names such as Starbucks and Taco Bell are seeing the value in shipping container restaurants. Starbucks has already opened container restaurants in Chicago, Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Portland. Taco Bell built a prototype that was stationed at the SXSW Festival last year. Since Taco Bell is growing so rapidly, they will need to build around 300 new stores a year to keep up with demand. Brian Niccol, the CEO of Taco Bell, has stated that “We think we could do 100 to 200 of these container stores. But it has to be in the right climate and right location for it to make sense.” Both Starbucks and Taco Bell are pushing to become more environmentally friendly and for new stores to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. All Starbucks container restaurants are LEED certified.

If you are looking for a durable, eco-friendly building for your restaurant, but aren’t a fan of the corrugated metal/industrial look of the containers, don’t worry! We are able to apply any type of aesthetics you want. We can make the containers look like a rustic BBQ shop, a clay walled cantina, and everything in between. Our designers and engineers will work with you to come up with the perfect design that incorporates your restaurant’s theme.

Shipping Container Restaurant Design
MODS rendering of a Texas BBQ container restaurant

We can have your restaurant up and running in no time with less building costs. For more information on building your own temporary or permanent shipping container restaurant, contact us through our website or call us at 1-800-869-1277.

MODS Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Here at MODS International, we’re all about sustainability. We treat every day like it’s Earth Day by creating eco-friendly, shipping container-based structures. Building with containers reduces the amount of traditional building materials, as well as saves on steel and energy. A 40 foot shipping container weighs over 8,000 pounds, so each time we up-cycle one, we are also saving thousands of pounds of steel from being used. The process of re-purposing the containers actually uses far less electrical energy than it would to melt down these massive steel boxes. In fact, it takes about 8,000 kw of electrical energy to melt down a container, we use about 5% of that amount when re-purposing a container!

During the building process, we are often cutting out and removing a lot of pieces of the container. We don’t like to let these pieces go to waste either! If you were able to watch our container house featured on HGTV’s Container Homes, you would have caught a glimpse of what we can do with the extra parts and pieces. We were able to use the door handles and latches for the guardrails on the stairs, closet rods, towel rods, and toilet paper holders. The parts can also be used for doors, fencing, shutters, tables, and much more. As you can see in the photos below, the end products are not only functional, but really cool and unique looking!

Container towel rod Container toilet paper holder
Container closet rods Container stairs












If you’re interested in an eco-friendly home or your company is ready to build more sustainable structures, we’re ready to assist you. Contact us via e-mail, phone or try our new live chat feature!

Mineral Point Container Home

Advantages of a Container House

Advantages of a Container House

There are currently millions of shipping containers sitting around the world, making them readily available for alternatives uses. There are also many advantages of a container house compared to a traditionally built house. Containers make an ideal and easy to use building material. The corrugated steel they are made from is one of the toughest metals in the world! It’s extremely durable and made to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are also able to handle a large amount of weight and are easy to stack, move, and connect due to the locking corners.                                Mineral Point Container Home                         Mineral Point Container Home

When comparing the cost and build time to a traditional home, a container house will be less in both of these areas. Container houses are cheaper on average overall to construct than a traditional stick built home. The 2016 average cost to build a new house is about $150 per square foot, but this cost can increase greatly when with custom home construction. A MODS custom container house will cost you around $115 per square foot. This cost will vary though depending on your design, interior and exterior finishes, and the amount of modification to the shipping containers. A container house also takes half of the time it takes to complete a traditional single-family home. A MODS container house takes around three months from design to finish, while a traditional home takes at least double that amount of time. This is one of the huge advantages of a container house. You can be living in your dream home within just a few months!

A huge attraction of shipping container homes is that they are eco-friendly. Unless they are repurposed, the containers will either remain useless at a port or be melted down. Melting down the containers’ steel is a process that uses a huge amount of energy compared to the modification process. MODS uses one trip containers that are of the highest quality to assure your container home is as safe and long lasting as possible.

There are millions of design options for your container house. Whatever style and look you imagine for your home, we can make it happen! From large multiple container homes to one container tiny homes, we work closely with you so you receive the container home of your dreams. Contact us today to get started on your container house!

creative container homes

Creative Container Homes Video

While these container homes were not built by MODS, they demonstrate the wide variety of wild designs possible when using shipping containers to design and build a modern concept home.  You’ll surely be inspired to build your own high tech home creation and MODS International can make it a reality. Sit back and enjoy the tour of some truly unique works of architectural art.

Housing the Homeless

Housing the Homeless

Could shipping containers be the answer?

Shipping container homes are becoming a popular choice when developing housing for the homeless.  Various facilities and housing structures are popping up across the country, specifically in the areas that need the most help. It’s an idea that needs to seriously be considered in cities all around the world.

The low cost and speed of the building process are huge advantages compared to a traditionally constructed home. Another benefit is that the units can be picked up and moved to a new location if needed. Container homes are extremely structurally sound, making them an ideal temporary living quarters for those trying to get back on their feet.

There are many different layout options using individual containers or using larger containers and dividing them up in to different room sizes. Below is an example of a MODS 20′ Efficient Living Unit. The living space may be small, around 160 square feet, but is equipped with everything a person needs. It comes with a shower, toilet, sink, cooking area, sleeping area, air conditioning, and heat. We’re looking forward to using units such as this to help solve the homeless situation across the globe.

20' Efficiency Home

20' Efficiency Home

We have experience in creating various types of housing structures. MODS are perfect for constructing residential homes, cabins, dormitories, workforce housing, hotels, and other types of mass housing structures. If you are interested in a housing structure, we are able to design and build to your exact needs. Contact us today to begin the process.