tiny home san diego

MODS builds tiny container homes! The typical tiny house is around 100-500 square feet. They can come in various shapes, sizes, and forms, but the main focus is simpler living in a smaller space. There are many benefits of the tiny home including mobility, reduced carbon footprint, little or no debt due to the low building costs and expenditures, lower taxes, and decreased maintenance.

Our tiny houses are built with a shipping container base, adding in the traditional elements to make your unit comfortable. We search out high quilty containers to strip and paint. We then outfit the interior and exterior for your desired configuration. Finally, we deliver your tiny house to any location on the planet.

Though many people make tiny houses their main residence, you can also build them as a home office, guest house, accessory dwelling unit, cabin or even an excellent vacation home! If you are considering or are currently in the market for a tiny container home, contact us to find out how we can design and build it to your exact specifications. We’ll create your dream design.