It’s understandable to have a lot of questions when it comes to building with shipping containers. Here we’ve tried to cover the most common questions we receive. Feel free to reach out to us at any time to get the answers to your specific questions.

Are you building a container home with large windows or a small on-site construction office? The cost per square foot varies due to the customization of your structure. It’s best to give us a call to go over exactly what you are looking for, so we can give you a quote.

Not at all! We can deliver quickly and the containers are easy to transport on either a flatbed semi or in a container trailer. The containers are also easy to unload with the proper equipment.

Absolutely! We have no problem working on your project anywhere in the world. We’ve completed multiple overseas projects.

You can place a MODS container home on a full concrete foundation with direct connection for sewer or raise the unit on a four pier concrete support. When using the pier system, be sure to include cable anchors.

Of course. We build units to the International Building Code – IBC. In addition, if your local municipal code requires a building inspection of wiring and plumbing inside of walls, we can assemble the structure on your site for full inspection during assembly.

Take a look at our capabilities section to see examples of past projects and upcoming builds. You can also contact us for more information, a free quote or even a tour of our facility if you are in the area.

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