Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are increasing and prioritizing production on all medical structures. Contact us today for a quote and to immediately get production started. We are available by phone (920-574-0215) and email 24/7.

Modular Intensive Care Units

Our modular ICUs are ideal for emergency treatment and care of severely ill patients. They can be customized to be any size or configuration. We work with you to create a design and layout that is convenient and accessible with the space required for effective treatments to be administered. Units are secure, simple and clean. Move your project along quickly and equip your new ICU with everything it requires.

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Hospitals & Medical Clinics

Be ready for it all with a versatile, cost-effective medical building. Modular, prefabricated hospitals offer more flexibility and customizability than traditional builds. Start treating patients faster. Patient rooms, exam rooms, labs, nurses areas, offices and specialized treatment areas can all be custom designed to suit your needs.

Is your current facility at capacity and does it need to expand? Do you need temporary mobile care areas? Modular units can be installed quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to current facility operations.

Healthcare Facilities

MODS can help quickly build any type of permanent or temporary healthcare facility. Our modular hospitals, medical offices, clinics, and intensive care units can be up and running in a fraction of the time. Request a free quote today.