Retail and Office space using shipping containers

Modular Retail and Office Space:

For a very unique and cost effective way to build your next retail and office space let MODS® International design your space using shipping containers.  The cost per square foot is considerably less than conventional construction.  Plus, the added bonus is SPEED.  We build the facility in our manufacturing plant and ship to your location and “fit” it together into a very modern and exciting new store or office.

Modular Store Exterior As Built
Modular Store Exterior As Built

We create building blocks and erect them in a fraction of the time it takes to build a conventional building on your property.  We can ALSO add more pieces to the MODS if you want to expand in the future.  We’ll design your project to grow with your business.  When you need more space, call us.

For more information on Growing your Retail or Office space call us. We’ll help you grow while saving your considerable expenses.