Creative Shipping Container Uses

Creative Shipping Container Uses

Shipping containers are an excellent building material due to their strength and ability to be easily customized.  This is why they are being used for all sorts of creative builds other than just housing.


Who didn’t love building awesome forts out of objects they found around the house as a kid?  It only makes sense that used containers are being utilized to build really awesome playgrounds around the world such as Skinners Park in Melbourne, Australia.  It was created using four containers and even the railings, overhangs, and balconies are made from parts of used containers.  Another unique playground sits in the center of the recently created Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas.  Here a shipping container has been converted into a 30 foot tall tree house with three different slides.

Skinners Playground

Downtown Container Park Playground

Swimming Pools

Shipping containers can easily be converted into the perfect pool.  The dimensions (20 or 40 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet deep) create an ideal swimming pool size.  The container can also simply be buried in your backyard to create an in ground pool.

Inground Shipping Container Pool

Shipping Container Pool


It takes quite a bit of creativity to turn shipping containers into a work of art.  “Trade Deficit”, located in Denver, was created by fusing together four containers to represent the area’s industrial past and the vertical expansion of the city.  Spanish graffiti artists Pichi&Avo, created a large canvas out of stacked shipping containers.  The breathtaking result was featured at a festival in Belgium.

Shipping Container Sculpture

Shipping Container Art

Shipping containers are also a great tool for clever advertisements.  For Power Smart Month in British Columbia, BC Hydro used two containers to promote energy efficiency at home and in the work place.  People passing by could see into the containers to compare the energy consumption of two different users and gained tips on how to be more efficient with energy use.  Nissan used a shipping container to promote its new Armada SUV.  An armada was placed into a container and set up in densely populated areas such as Times Square and South Beach Miami.  The reactions of people passing by were used in the TV ad.

Shipping Container Ad

Shipping Container Ad


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5 thoughts on “Creative Shipping Container Uses

  1. Justin Knox Reply

    Thank you for the help. I have heard that shipping containers are an affordable way to build things like sheds or even houses, so I have been interested in trying it out. I have never seen a shipping container used as a pool. That looks far better than I would have anticipated. Is it a safe option for a pool?

    • mods Reply

      Yes! It’s a great option for a pool as long as the container is stripped, primed, repainted, and watertight.

  2. Alex Lane Reply

    This is incredible. We have been considering buying a couple shipping containers to make something with. I would not have thought of making something like a playground out of the containers. I know the kids would love a tree house like the one you shared. This is a great idea.

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