Housing the Homeless

Housing the Homeless

Could shipping containers be the answer?

Shipping container homes are becoming a popular choice when developing housing for the homeless.  Various facilities and housing structures are popping up across the country, specifically in the areas that need the most help. It’s an idea that needs to seriously be considered in cities all around the world.

The low cost and speed of the building process are huge advantages compared to a traditionally constructed home. Another benefit is that the units can be picked up and moved to a new location if needed. Container homes are extremely structurally sound, making them an ideal temporary living quarters for those trying to get back on their feet.

There are many different layout options using individual containers or using larger containers and dividing them up in to different room sizes. Below is an example of a MODS 20′ Efficient Living Unit. The living space may be small, around 160 square feet, but is equipped with everything a person needs. It comes with a shower, toilet, sink, cooking area, sleeping area, air conditioning, and heat. We’re looking forward to using units such as this to help solve the homeless situation across the globe.

20' Efficiency Home

20' Efficiency Home

We have experience in creating various types of housing structures. MODS are perfect for constructing residential homes, cabins, dormitories, workforce housing, hotels, and other types of mass housing structures. If you are interested in a housing structure, we are able to design and build to your exact needs. Contact us today to begin the process.

4 thoughts on “Housing the Homeless

  1. Judy Wilson Reply

    Thanks for sharing how used shipping containers are being made into housing for the homeless. This seems like a great use for shipping containers to give homeless people a safe place for them to stay. I’m surprised that these units not only come with a toilet, sink, and cooking area, but also air conditioning and heat. I hope to see more of these units for people to stay in.

      • madelein Reply

        how do you apply for a place to stay?
        I have a family of six my husband has a low income and we have to be out today
        this has been real tough and we have no where to go
        please help

  2. Adam Osen Reply

    Could you please tell me the cost of a 30’ one bed container home

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