Building Blocks of Today – Shipping Containers

Steel Survival

Stonehenge survived thousands of years due to the sheer size and weight of the material.  Compared to other building materials of today, shipping containers are durable, modular, and transportable.  They are low maintenance steel structures resistant to hurricanes, fires, termites, water, and salt damage.  There are about seventeen million inter modal containers.  Here at MODS International, many are finding ways to convert these sound structures into quality buildings for a wide array of uses.  There is no shortage of shipping containers or of underutilized and/or depressed areas needing creative development.

Modest to Glamorous

Various transitional areas need a non-permanent solution find use in this new form of building.  Even vibrant areas such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, London, and Amsterdam proudly feature these container buildings.  Festivals in Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans are finding these transportable buildings both visually appealing and functional.  Not just for small business, Google with Google Barges used four stories tall of shipping containers to showcase Google Glass among other products.  Container architecture is also referred to “arkitainer” or “cargotecture”.

MODS stands for “Modular On Demand Structures”
MODS International customizes these building blocks of today to anything and shipping anywhere!

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Mobile Offices Using Shipping Containers

Mobile Offices Built Using Shipping Containers

Mobile offices are essential for many industries that require remote work spaces. Whether you are looking for supplemental office space or an on-site support office. Shipping containers are the ideal structural solution.

MODS Container Offices

We often get inquiries from construction companies who are looking to replace their simple on-site trailers with something sturdier. Other mobile office designs/temporary structures we have worked on include guard booths, military site offices and mobile classrooms. Container offices are not only long lasting and simple to relocate, but easily configurable.

Plug and Play Office Space

You can include similar features as you would have with a permanent office space. This includes windows, overhead lighting, secure doors, multiple electrical outlets, security features, restrooms and more! One of the best parts of our mobile shipping container office is that when the office arrives onsite, the setup is simple. All that needs to be done is to connect the power (and the water hookups if applicable) and your office space is all set for use.

Mobile office

Customized to Your Needs

Multiple containers can be used to create a larger office space. Your design can include individual offices as well as open meeting room space as pictured above.

MODS International can create any mobile building configuration you need. Applications include everything from construction offices to temporary classrooms. We work with you to come up with a design that meets your needs.

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Are you ready to build a container home?

Are you ready to build a container home?

We often get inquiries from people who are interested in building their own dream container homes but aren’t sure where to start. At MODS, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We do recommend that you do your due diligence in research and brainstorming first though. This makes the design and build process more efficient and significantly faster than with a traditional home. It also helps to assure you avoid common building mistakes by not rushing into the process. Here are some important questions to ask yourself before you decide to build a container home.

Can you afford to build a new home?

Figuring out a realistic budget for your new container home is extremely important. Other questions that factor in this are: Will you be purchasing land? What type of foundation will you be using?

We’ve talked before about the factors that go into the cost of a container structure. All of our initial costs will be provided in the proposal you receive from us, but there’s always the potential for extra costs to occur along the way. It’s always smart to have a certain amount set for unforeseen costs or any additions you decide on later in the build. This should be included when calculating your maximum budget.

What does your dream home look like?

Having a set idea on the size of the home, number of rooms and overall look of the home is helpful to avoid time and money wasted on changes. Gathering ideas from existing container homes, renderings and even sketching out your ideas on paper is helpful. After going over your ideas, our design and engineering team will work very closely with you before finalizing the designs and plans.

Do you have the time to invest into building a new home?

One of the many advantages of a container house is that it can be built quickly. You should still, as with any building project, create a timeline of when you would like it to be completed. Allocating enough time for the design process, securing of permits, searching for lots and prepping the land for the home is important. Allowing at least six months from start of the initial design to the build being complete is ideal.

container home

If you are just in the beginning stages of looking into building a container home, take the time to really think about your answers to these questions. If you have your budget, ideas and timeline in place already, contact us today and let’s get started on creating your dream home!

Mineral Point Container Home

Shipping Container Design

Shipping Container Design

The terms “shipping container design” and “cargotecture” are becoming more commonly used by people with interest in the field.  The majority of people still think of shipping containers as large, solid rectangular boxes with one purpose: to ship goods overseas.  To them, shipping container design and shipping container architecture are foreign terms.  We are working hard to change this.

There are many reasons to build with shipping containers, but coming up with the perfect design can sometimes be a challenge for our clients. Google is your friend for this. After looking over our projects and concepts, google terms such as “container homes” and “shipping container structures”. This is a great way to narrow down the style you like. Pinterest is also a great source to search on. The MODS Pinterest boards also have information as well as design ideas.

*MODS Design Tip*

A great design tip we can offer is to make sure you are including an ample amount of windows into your design. Our design team makes this a priority to make sure a heavy supply of natural light is incorporated into both our commercial and residential structures.

Mineral Point Container Home GE Display at EAA 2015


At MODS, we have built a variety of different commercial and residential structures.  All of our work is custom, which means we work closely with our clients so they are receiving an end product that exactly meets their needs and expectations. We love to push the boundaries and are always up for a challenge. The design possibilities are endless and there are millions of different ways to modify the containers. If you have an idea, no matter how crazy anyone says it is, let us know! We’d love to hear about it and make it become a reality. You can contact us via our website or by phone at 1-800-869-1277.

MODS Lancair Air Show Display

Container Trade Show Booth Advantages

Container Trade Show Booth Advantages

You’ve been planning for this trade show for months. When the doors open and the room begins to fill with people, you don’t want to blend into the background as “just another booth.” Stand out from the crowd with a distinctive design that commands presence!

By using shipping containers as the base for our trade show displays, we have created a unique, portable solution that streamlines the trade show booth development and set up process. After understanding the needs of our client, our team will come up with a functional design that promotes your brand and products. The containers are able to be modified in an endless amount of ways. We can use single containers of various sizes for smaller booth style displays or multiple connected containers for larger displays. Entertain potential clients by adding a bar design to your project. Transport of your finished display on a flatbed truck is incredibly easy. We offer full-service set up once the display arrives on site. This means minimal set-up for you, as well as minimal staffing. During off hours of the show, simply close, lock, and secure your display.

Main Benefits of a Container Trade Show Booth

  • The custom, unique design will attract attention
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Easy to transport, effortless handling
  • Quick set-up and easy storage
  • Brand visibility during show, transport, and when closed on location
  • Minimal staff required for deployment
  • Can be set-up to be self-sufficient with electric and water
  • Turn-key options available with technology and furniture
MODS Lancair Air Show Display
Lancair Display – 40′ Container with a 20′ Container Stacked on Top
MODS Nxt Pizza Trade Show Display
Nxt Pizza Trade Show Display – 20′ Modified Container



Let us take care of your display, so your staff can spend their time on interacting with the interested customers. To find out more about how a MODS container trade show booth can simplify and improve your next trade show experience, contact us through the website or by phone at 1-800-869-1277.