Tiny Homes on Amazon

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Yes, you’ve heard right, we now offer tiny homes on the Amazon marketplace. To be realistic, it’s not like shipping a TV set or a toaster. Some planning is involved and these units require site preparation. They should be placed on either a full slab, a frost wall or sonotube foundation. There is one connection on the bottom for the sewer (we’ll show you where it needs to be located) and one simple plug and play side connection for water and electric. You can add internet too. These basic living units are fully furnished.

Current MODS Tiny Home units available on Amazon:

  • 40 Foot Tiny Home – 320 square feet – check online price
  • 20 Foot Tiny Home – 160 square feet – check online price

More Tiny Home Information:

Contact us with any questions you may have about our tiny homes, larger custom homes, restaurants, shops or portable trade show displays. MODS units can also be used for military bases, man camps, equipment storage, data-centers, you name it, we can build it.

We Started a Trend:

MODS was the first to offer shipping container based tiny homes on Amazon. Now others have joined the trend. Here is the current Amazon tiny home lineup.


One thought on “Tiny Homes on Amazon

  1. Jon Bryan Reply

    Grrrrr. I saw an post on Facebook about your tiny home. Not a buyer, but curious and thought it was cool. Went to Amazon to check it out. It is cool! But….. all the morons with the stupid comments and reviews. Pissed me off. I am a seller. Left a handful of comments… what morons. You guys are onto something, wishing you the best.

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