Are you ready to build a container home?

Are you ready to build a container home?

We often get inquiries from people who are interested in building their own dream container homes but aren’t sure where to start. At MODS, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We do recommend that you do your due diligence in research and brainstorming first though. This makes the design and build process more efficient and significantly faster than with a traditional home. It also helps to assure you avoid common building mistakes by not rushing into the process. Here are some important questions to ask yourself before you decide to build a container home.

Can you afford to build a new home?

Figuring out a realistic budget for your new container home is extremely important. Other questions that factor in this are: Will you be purchasing land? What type of foundation will you be using?

We’ve talked before about the factors that go into the cost of a container structure. All of our initial costs will be provided in the proposal you receive from us, but there’s always the potential for extra costs to occur along the way. It’s always smart to have a certain amount set for unforeseen costs or any additions you decide on later in the build. This should be included when calculating your maximum budget.

What does your dream home look like?

Having a set idea on the size of the home, number of rooms and overall look of the home is helpful to avoid time and money wasted on changes. Gathering ideas from existing container homes, renderings and even sketching out your ideas on paper is helpful. After going over your ideas, our design and engineering team will work very closely with you before finalizing the designs and plans.

Do you have the time to invest into building a new home?

One of the many advantages of a container house is that it can be built quickly. You should still, as with any building project, create a timeline of when you would like it to be completed. Allocating enough time for the design process, securing of permits, searching for lots and prepping the land for the home is important. Allowing at least six months from start of the initial design to the build being complete is ideal.

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If you are just in the beginning stages of looking into building a container home, take the time to really think about your answers to these questions. If you have your budget, ideas and timeline in place already, contact us today and let’s get started on creating your dream home!

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  1. Mary Patterson Reply

    I love working with MODS! They are patient with me as I am a first time home builder. I am looking forward to my finished products and will be writing about it on my own blog. More to come with pictures!
    Mary Patterson

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