Proudly Serving Our Veterans

Veterans Village Tiny Homes Project

Early in 2018, we had the privilege to help our veterans by delivering the first of eleven Tiny Home units to Veteran’s Village in Las Vegas Nevada. On February 14th the grand opening and ribbon cutting commenced with keynote speaker and Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman and other dignitaries.

Instant Housing Solution

Housing for homeless veterans is badly needed. Construction of typical homes is costly and time consuming. Funding  problems force many homeless vets to fend for themselves. Shipping containers deliver a fast, affordable and comfortable solution to stick construction and makes great ecological and economic sense. We’re pleased to help make that happen.

Comfortable, Secure Tiny Homes

Project details showing site layout and tiny home unit floor plans.

The first unit is a 320 square foot model made from an unused 40′ steel shipping container. By tiny home standards, this is quite spacious. Other units in this project will consist of more compact 20′ units with room for sleeping, bath and small kitchen area.

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Addressing a Nationwide Crisis

This project is part of a national plan to address the Veteran’s Housing Crisis. The project is a model for the future. According to Veterans Village founder Dr Arnold Stalk PhD,  this fast and environmentally friendly building option creates an affordable housing solution to meet the housing needs of veterans. It also provides support for veterans to transition back into civilian life. We are proud to help bring this project to life.

How You Care Help

Funding is badly needed, so project costs are being provided by your generous donations. Veteran’s Village utilizes “in-kind” donations that directly benefit veterans. This includes money as well as food and clothing. Learn more about how you can donate to the Veterans Village project.

About the Veteran’s Village Project

Veterans Village website –


2 thoughts on “Proudly Serving Our Veterans

  1. Genelle Reply

    This is a great project for our veterans who served our country to protect us all. I really have a great respect for them and they deserve to be treated right.

  2. Cedric Knight Reply

    Hello my name is Cedric Knight I’m a CARPNTER by trade and a Veteran.
    I would like to build a community like this. Asap
    Cell 973-878-6951

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