Emergency Housing

MODS® Emergency Housing

As the first big storms of the season roar across the southern United States, MODS® International stands ready to assist in providing emergency housing and shelter to displaced victims of the week long tornado and severe weather outbreak that has so far claimed as many as 35 lives across Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.

tornado-shelterToday, 37 million people on the east coast and southern states are in the path of these strong storms. Places like Jacksonville, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, Virginia Beach, Raleigh, North Carolina and Atlanta should all prepare for severe weather bearing down on those areas. Spring is the time that everyone should prepare for severe weather by having a plan and supplies in place before bad weather strikes.

MODS® Emergency shelters can provide a comfortable temporary or permanent home in case the worst happens. A properly installed MODS® home can provide shelter from strong storms and tornadoes with winds up to 200mph. CONTACT US today for any questions on availability, pricing and delivery.

Learn more about tornadoes with this Tornado Fast Facts link.


Aftermath of 2013 El Reno Twister near Union City, OK.
MODS® Emergency Housing providing temporary shelter for local family.

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