Man Camp Housing

Man Camp Housing

North Dakota’s Bakken Oil Shale Boom has been compared to the California Gold Rush of the 1800’s. Tens of thousands of workers are flooding the area looking for high paying jobs but the sudden influx has created a virtual housing vacuum, leaving many to live in poorly equipped campers with limited utilities.  The Bakken oil reserve has seen a 70 percent increase in worker population since 2010, forcing many workers to sleep in vehicles and having to use facilities at local gas stations, restaurants and gyms.

According to, local housing prices have also skyrocketed due to high demand with homes averaging $253,000. Hotels are also jumping on the population bonanza with some charging big city rates of $300 per night or more. The local Williston Economic Development office advises anyone planning to move to the area do their homework about living conditions before they set out.

man camo housing
MODS Man Camp Housing Example

MODS International provide comfortable, affordable modular on demand structures that include all the amenities of a full service motel or apartment complex. Each unit is equipped with connections for electricity (120 VAC) water and sewer. A small kitchen with sink and running hot and cold water and a bathroom with shower is standard. The standard units can sleep up to four, but MODS can design virtually any housing configuration including dedicated bunk houses and shower / bath units.

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Recycled Shipping Containers into Auto Parts Store

MODS designed a new retail store located in Waukegan, Illinois for a large auto parts recycling company.  Customers enter the multi-acre facility thru MODS Retail and walk out to the massive car lot to take the parts off the car.  They return to the store and pay for the parts.

The client wanted to continue efforts of going “Green” with the use of shipping containers to house the business. We took four containers, modified three into the lower retail space.  The container on the top houses a small office and outside cameras for monitoring the facility.

Below you will see the artist rendering along with the 99% finished location open for business. Please note how spacious the interior is.  Perfect for any retail operation. Modular construction.

Fast, Super Strong, Saves Money, Instant Use.  MODS can design ANY project, conventional or creative!!


Auto Parts City-Revised IMG_1606 IMG_1608