The Pop-Up Store Trend: 5 Reasons to Build a Pop-Up from Shipping Containers

MODS Pop-Up Shops Rendering

Temporary stores created from shipping containers are popping up everywhere! More commonly known as pop-up shops or pop-up stores, the pop-up phenomenon is taking the retail world by storm. Pop-up stores are being utilized by big-name retailers as well as ambitious startups. Just about every type of business from food to fashion can benefit from a pop-up store because the containers come in all different sizes and can be easily customized. They offer a great way to not only sell products, but test products, build brand awareness, test a new location, have a presence during an event, launch new products, and also increase the “hip” factor of a business. It’s also much cheaper than opening a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

If you search pop-up stores on a search engine you can see endless images of creative container and modular stores. You will also see quite a few news articles about pop-up stores, restaurants, breweries, malls, and even wedding chapels in the process of being built. You can also check out our Pinterest board to view various cool pop-up stores located all around the world.

Why use repurposed shipping containers for a pop-up store?

Besides the modern appeal of shipping container architecture, there are very good reasons why using a container makes sense.

1. 100% Customizable
Not only can you choose the size, but you are completely in control of the design process to assure that it is aligned with your brand. You can have the sides fold open, add windows, add doors, connect multiple units together or stack them for vertical space. Anything you can dream of, we can build for you.

2. Mobile
Delivery is a breeze and it’s also easy to move and re-install at any location you choose.

3.  Electricity & Wiring
Setting a container up with running water, electricity, and wiring it for cable and internet is also very simple.  Our MODS can connect to water, waste, and electric in just a few minutes and also easily be wired for cable and internet.

4. Affordable
Pop-up stores are not usually as large as a full brick-and-mortar store, which allows costs associated to operating to be lower. Also many pop-ups are temporary allowing businesses to test the waters with new products before beginning a full-blown

5. Safe
Not only is it easy to lock up at the end of the day, but shipping containers are built to stand the test of time. Our MODS are tested for quality and both water and wind-proofed.

 Auto Party Pop-Up Store  Pop-up auto parts store created by MODS

Shipping containers are the perfect way to create an open-concept space for your pop-up idea, whether it is a store, restaurant, or an event. MODS can be used to set up a pop-up quickly and multiple MODS can be put together for a wide variety of layouts. Contact us for more information on creating your own pop-up store.

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