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Our standard MODS living unit is designed to house up to four people comfortably. They are created using a single 40 foot shipping container. The units are surprisingly livable with all of the comforts of home in a compact, highly efficient space.

Unit Features
• Insulated and air-conditioned/heated
• Water and wind-proof, quiet, safe, and secure
• Full bathroom facilities, kitchen, living area, and bedroom
• Can come fully furnished with leather sofa, bistro table, and all kitchen supplies
• Optional cable and internet
• Meets all building codes

Fast Delivery and Set-Up
• Easy to transport on flatbed semi or container trailer
• Fast delivery and easy to unload at any location
• Connect to water, waste, and electric in a few minutes
• Less than an hour to prepare for occupancy
• Unit can be moved and re-installed anywhere

MODS units can be used for many years and moved many times without any structural issues.
We make sure they are built to last and made with highly durable materials.
• Welded construction to make unit air and water tight
• 12-gauge wall panel construction (meets and exceeds all ISO construction standards)
• Base floor constructed of Marine-grade 1.5 inch plywood with bearing pressure of 16,000 lbs per 100 square feet

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You can view our other MODS floor plans or contact us for more information on building your own custom shipping container house.

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