Equipment Protection:
MODS designs and builds Specialized Equipment Containers. With the high costs of special equipment today, it’s important to protect your investment.
MODS specialized equipment containers provide an excellent structure that is destruction proof. The loading capacity of a 20′ container is 67,000 pounds.
Containers can also be stacked on each other up to seven high with a stacking capacity of 423,000 pounds. The main advantage of the specialized equipment container is the ability to move from location to location.Specialized Containers meet the exact needs of customers:
• Engineered, re-enforced structure.
• Specialized electrical installation.
• Diamond plate flooring.
• Custom built equipment mounting rails and plates.
• Fully insulated.
• Shatter proof glass using laminated flat glass for safety.
• LED lighting fixtures for cold weather instant lighting.
• Exterior flood lamps with amiable lights.
• Specialized equipment containers in sizes from 20′ to 53′ built to meet your exact needs.
• Configured to match your equipment.
• Installation of your equipment if requested.
• Painted to match your colors.
• Specialized equipment containers can be shipped world wide and installed at your location.
• Fully secured. Interior finishes include fiber resin panels (FRP).
• Full insulated roll up doors and hardware.
• Ability to use forklift on top or bottom loading.
• All Climate conditions.
• Specialized design to match equipment.
20 foot container as generator equipment housing
Specialized 20 foot ventilated container used as dedicated power generator equipment space.
MODS Specialized Equipment Container
Exterior View with equipment installed inside and secured to the Specialized Container
MODS Specialized Equipment Container
Loading the Specialized Container for transport. Easily moved and transported.