Southern Louisiana Storm Outbreak

Last week strong storms ravaged southern Louisiana bringing area residents painful reminders of damage done in 2005 by hurricane Katrina. High winds and rain toppled trailers, damages structures and displaced many in flood prone areas.

News Report from Fox 59:

Storms tear through New Orleans and southern Louisiana, produce tornadoes

storm damage to trailers
Storm storms and a Tornado damage parts of the southern US last week, toppling trailer homes.

Coincidentally, Katrina is the storm that inspired the whole concept behind MODS International and emergency shelter construction.
At the time, MODS owner Doug Larson was concentrated more on building cell towers and installing wind turbines. When Katrina struck, Mr. Larson’s company headed to the New Orleans to help in restoring telecommunications infrastructure and specifically cell phone towers damages in the storm. To house his repair crews, Mr Larson purchase a small fleet of recreational vehicles, which then inspired him to design a temporary or permanent housing solution using a nationwide abundance of empty sea containers.

MODS Builds Whatever You Can Imagine:

Since then, MODS International has expanded the application of sea container construction to a new level, including trade show exhibits and multi container custom home projects. MODS International still makes their flagship single family home using a single 40 foot sea container that can be purchase for just under $30k. These portable shelters can be delivered onsite to serve occupants immediately or be stacked and stored inland or in a safe location ready for emergency deployment for families in need of quick, comfortable and secure shelter.

Basic Emergency Shelter:

MODS Standard Shipping Container Home
You can own a fully equipped 320 square foot comfortable efficiency living space for about $30k new.

MODS Basic 320 square foot housing units include a bedroom that can contain a single queen bed, or two bunk beds plus all the conveniences of a bathroom with walk in shower and toilet and a kitchen area and front living space.  The low profile steel sided basic housing structure is secured to the ground and can withstand higher winds than any trailer, camper or mobile home. MODS International can deliver your home onsite anywhere in the world and can work with government agencies and municipalities on disaster recovery efforts.

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