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Time Magazine – The Smarter Home – July 2014

For over 100 years, the housing industry has basically been building  the same style of home. Conventional, sprawling “stick” home construction is no longer the smart choice. Now is the time to investigate why Smart Home technology now makes more sense than ever!

“Old Style” construction is expensive to build and provides limited safety from the elements and intruders. In many cases, modern homes are also much larger than is needed or wanted, particularly for singles or couples and especially retirees.

Recently, Time magazine featured a 39 page special report titled “The Smarter Home” which described the newest trend in housing; easier to maintain, affordable and technologically intelligent to the user’s needs.

The article states “The dwellings of the future will make you calmer, safer, richer and healthier…and they already exist“.

 Size wise:

not so smart home
Smaller homes are smart homes and much more practical than an over-sized Mc Mansion.

Smaller modular homes are more economically feasible and involve a considerably smaller carbon footprint than the huge Mc Mansions of the 80’s and 90’s.  Rising fuel and electricity prices have homeowners now considering the premise that bigger is not always better and green building is much healthier for the planet.  It’s a very smart choice, especially for a second home, perhaps a winter escape in Arizona maybe, so saving money will certainly make you calmer and richer in the end.

The MODS Modular housing approach is also more affordable than conventional construction and cost much less to operate. Being smaller obviously requires less power and if you want to live off the grid on solar or wind power, modular housing with it’s meager power requirements is the perfect solution.

Safer – Bullet Proof?

Smart home resist storms and speeding bullets
Modular housing resists storms and even a speeding bullet!

As far as being safer, MODS has you covered there too. While the interior is made with earth friendly insulation and renewable wood resources, the exterior is made of 14 gauge, (0.075 inch) steel. Typical aluminum siding runs  between  .019” to .024” thick. Republic Doors and frames makes their bullet proof doors with 14 ga. steel, so the MODS sidewalls can provide some level of bullet protection.

A properly grounded MODS unit can also act as a basic Faraday Cage, reducing the effects of EMI, RFI and EMP exposure. For increase protection, you can have your MODS semi buried for an earth shelter style design. MODS can also be installed as a storm shelter against moderate to high winds.

Optional Smarts:

smart home net zero energy
GE Net Zero Energy Home Design.

Besides the obvious smart, economic advantages of modular housing, you can also add home automation from a growing constellation of new smart home devices and appliances. This might include remote video surveillance, security systems, media servers, automated heating and cooling and smart appliances.

MODS International can custom design and manufacture the smart home of your dreams. Contact us to learn more and get a free price quote on your smart home project.




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