From Shipping Container To You – The MODS Design Process

From Shipping Container to MODS

From Shipping Container to You – The MODS Design Process

Have you wondered what goes into the process of creating a MODS unit? It all starts when a client researches and learns the benefits of using shipping containers to build their structure.  They will sit down with a MODS designer and discuss their ideas. The designer then uses that information to draw up a floor plan to further refine the design. Once the client approves the layout, a 3D model is made to help the client fully realize their dream.


Finally, within a few short weeks construction is finished and a brand new MODS is loaded on a truck and shipped anywhere in the world!

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One thought on “From Shipping Container To You – The MODS Design Process

  1. wayne miller Reply

    My friend of mine used a 40′ “retired” reefer unit and 2other units to make a hunting “cabin” back in the bush. He had to modify the exhaust a bit to muffle the sound, but with the built in fuel tank and the extra 200gal tank he has a power supply and a 40’walk in cooler/freezer. And with the reefer engine running he has all the power he needs for the “camp”. Sleeping unit and living area are separate. He also added a solar panel array for power and to save on fuel.
    Now I’m trying to get him to send me some pics. He used concrete(poured in sona tubes) for pilings for the corners . The rest is self supporting..

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