Sea Container Homes

Temporary On-Site Office Design - Two 40' Containers

About Sea Container Homes:

sea container home
MODS workers outfitting a shipping container into a comfortable housing structure.

Call it a Sea Container, Shipping Container, ISO Container, Intermodal Container, freight container, hi-cube, Conex box or Sea Can, they’re all the same. These standardized freight containers are designed for rigorous intercontinental ocean transport or by cross country truck or rail. They are extremely strong and can withstand pounding waves and weather, keeping the contents secure and dry.

With the current global economic balance, loading docks are seeing a surplus of sea containers that have been used for only one transoceanic crossing and will unlikely be used again. While this may sound sound like a bit of a problem, a little ingenuity, carpentry and some electrical and plumbing work is turning what was once a cold, dark  shipping box into a warm, dry and comfortable living space that is portable enough for rapid deployment anywhere in the world.

To begin their sea container home manufacturing process, MODS selects units in top condition that have seen only one gentle trip overseas. Each container is inspected to be sure no hazardous substances are present. Units are cleaned and totally outfitted as a secure, comfortable and affordable home that is very economical to maintain.

Standard sea container housing units include all the amenities for comfortable living including: Efficiency kitchen, full bath with toilet and shower, sleeping area, living area complete with heating and air conditioning. Each MODS is wired and plumbed to code and connects to power and water with conventional 120VAC electrical plug and standard water hose connection. Sewer location is model specific and detailed in drawings so you can prepare the foundation and sewer location before MODS arrival.

As you discover more about sea container homes, you’ll find that they have plenty of other uses. These might include: emergency housing,  man camps. modular homes, storm shelters, shower and bath facilities power and data centers, field offices, dorm style housing, retail store fronts, vacation homes, trade show exhibits and a lot more.

MODS International designs and manufactures Modular On Demand Structures (MODS) for virtually any application. If you can imagine it, MODS can build it!

If you are interested in learning more about MODS International and Sea Container Housing solutions, please CONTACT US using the form at the right side of this page. Thank You!

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  1. Erwin Bonatz Reply

    I manage a waste water treatment plant in Virginia Beach VA and need a small modular transportable hurricane proof building that I can use in hurricane emergencies to house a 7 person ride out crew and possibly use as a temporary maintenance office after a bad storm for a couple of weeks. What would you recommend? Ideas?

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