MODS® International Portable Housing Units Available for Oklahoma City Disaster

(Appleton, Wis. May 25, 2013)—MODS® International temporary housing units will be available for victims affected by tornados that struck several Oklahoma City suburbs on Monday.

MODS®—which stands for modular on demand structures—are portable yet complete living units for use in emergency and temporary living situations. They are made inside the shell of a shipping container and are constructed of building-code quality materials and have features such as a leather couch, heating and air conditioning, bathroom, full shower, kitchenette and complete bedding, linen and towels.

Larson, who also owns and operates a construction business, initially came up with the idea of making the MODS® units after his experience in helping with the aftermath and clean up of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and 2006.

Doug Larson, founder and president of MODS® International, said these units provide a home away from home while families are rebuilding after a disaster.

“I just want people to know these are available so they can take the stress out of finding a temporary home,” Larson said. “It’s instant housing. They are very simple. Easy to use, easy to transport, and easy to set up. Anyone can use them.”

Because the units are made of shipping containers, they transport quickly and efficiently, Larson said.

“We can ship them to Oklahoma , or any other location in the United States, within a few days, and once there, they set up within an hour,” he said.

Some of the initial customers for the MODS® units have been companies working in the North Dakota oilfields that are popping up in remote locations and require immediate and temporary housing for workers. But MODS have many ways to be used including as portable kitchens, as laundry facilities and as mobile medical clinics and helipads.

Larson’s company, Orion Construction, was working in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina half a decade ago when he saw first-hand the need for a better temporary housing unit. He had a small fleet of 10 Class A RVs to house his team of workers, but soon found they were unreliable and difficult to manage. They were hot to live in, had operational issues and required a mechanic to work on them constantly, he said.

MODS® units are made from “one-time use” shipping containers and converted into housing units in Larson’s manufacturing facility in Grand Chute. They have windows cut into them, full stud and drywall walls built along with full plumbing and electrical service. All materials are standard and purchased at local stores to make future maintenance and service to be as easy as possible, Larson said.

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