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MODS Turn-key Plant Grow Container System

MODS International introduces high tech, turn-key precision grow container systems. This revolutionary “farm in a box” design delivers 250 square feet of plant production space. Initially designed for hydroponic production of gourmet salad greens, this system can also be used in scientific laboratories for genetic plant research and medicine. The system can be custom made and purchased directly from MODS International (contact us for details)  or you can purchase our fully equipped MODS grow container model available on Amazon.

MODS Farm in a Box Features

The MODS Grow Unit – FULL model is fully turnkey, requiring only grow media, water, seeds and nutrients to get started high-tech growing today!

  • 40′ clean and inspected single use ISO Shipping container.
  • 32′ x 7.7′ grow space
  • 8′ x 7.7′ office / equipment space.
  • Six, 8 foot adjustable aluminum racks.
  • Twelve high efficiency LED grow lights.
  • Argus control system.
  • Mini-splint heating and cooling.
  • Insulated to R19.
  • Easy to clean FRP interior walls.
  • PC / Monitor – Argus control software.
  • External connection for power, water and CO2.

Partial List of Practical Uses:

Ultra High Tech Growing System / Sea Container Mashup

MODS combines high tech hydroponic technology with sea containers. The MODS Grow Container System boasts a salad bowl of high tech features. First of all is the use of a smart, high efficiency LED lighting system that produces more light per watt or electricity and generates much less waste heat. Second is the state-of-the art Argus Control System managing container temperature, humidity, irrigation, CO2 level and much more.  The entire system is built into a 40 foot high cube shipping container that can be sealed and locked while plants grow and thrive inside the computer controlled and environmentally perfect environment.

MODS Grow Container System Features and Functions:

  • Uses High Tech Argus Control System.
  • Adjustable rack system and hardware mount points
  • Easy external connection of electrical and water supply.
  • 250 square feet of dedicated high tech grow space.
  • Designed for easy installation.
  • Secure, controlled agricultural environment.
  • Six adjustable racks allow for up to four tray levels.
  • Dedicated office and control equipment space.

Available Configurations

  • Custom Designed – contact us for a quote.
  • Bare Bones – No Control System or Lights.