Container Home Designs

MODS Two Story Shipping Container Home
two story tiny home
Two Story Tiny Home

Let MODS International design and build your next home using shipping containers.  Our staff of designers and architects will create a very unique and functional design for you new home whether it’s for a lake front cottage, primary residence or a hunting retreat.

Made using durable sea containers for the structural core, MODS can outfit the exterior with more neighbor friendly roofing and siding materials. Multistory layouts can feature relaxing sun deck and observation areas.

MODS are amazingly spacious and when several containers are combined, the opportunity of 16 foot wide rooms and complete open concepts like this five container modular store front become a possibility.

Our clients enjoy using containers for a home because of the speed, cost savings and the extreme strength of the structure.  They are destruction proof.  MODS International will take your dreams and create reality. Contact us today and let MODS International design and build your specialized container home.

Samples of multi-container projects. Large open spaces are possible.


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