Building Blocks of Today – Shipping Containers

Steel Survival

Stonehenge survived thousands of years due to the sheer size and weight of the material.  Compared to other building materials of today, shipping containers are durable, modular, and transportable.  They are low maintenance steel structures resistant to hurricanes, fires, termites, water, and salt damage.  There are about seventeen million inter modal containers.  Here at MODS International, many are finding ways to convert these sound structures into quality buildings for a wide array of uses.  There is no shortage of shipping containers or of underutilized and/or depressed areas needing creative development.

Modest to Glamorous

Various transitional areas need a non-permanent solution find use in this new form of building.  Even vibrant areas such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, London, and Amsterdam proudly feature these container buildings.  Festivals in Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans are finding these transportable buildings both visually appealing and functional.  Not just for small business, Google with Google Barges used four stories tall of shipping containers to showcase Google Glass among other products.  Container architecture is also referred to “arkitainer” or “cargotecture”.

MODS stands for “Modular On Demand Structures”
MODS International customizes these building blocks of today to anything and shipping anywhere!

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