Tragic Start to 2014 Tornado Season

Quapaw, Oklahoma –
Happily the 2014 tornado season is off to a slow start, but sadly the first severe storm outbreak has claimed it’s first fatality in a Joplin, Missouri area twister. The storm, located southwest of Joplin in Quapaw, Oklahoma struck at about 6pm on Sunday April 26th 2014 .  Watch the video report from local news source KOTV Tulsa, OK for the full story. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

Strong Summer Storms?
The Weather Channel reports that cold spring weather has delayed the onset of strong storms as the polar vortex continues to idle near the US and Canada border.  A mere 21 tornadoes have touched down this year, well below the average of 96 by this time on any given spring in the Midwest. The lingering cold front may trigger powerful storms as the season advances. Now is the time to consider safe locations in your house and to drill your family members in preparing for severe weather.

Be Prepared:
MODS® International delivers emergency housing to areas hit by severe weather outbreaks or natural disaster.
Prepare now by added a storm safe shelter to your new or existing home. Combined with a firm concrete foundation, the 20′ Tornado Bunker can provide shelter for winds up to 200 mph.

F5 tornado damage
F5 Tornado Damage

Buried shelters require a well drained foundation and concrete side walls. Free standing MODS® storm shelters properly anchored to a concrete foundation can provide protection from winds up to 200 mph, delivering superior protection to traditional stick construction. They even offer protection from EMI, EMP and Lightning.

Since an F5 tornado can scour a concrete highway clean away, it is recommended that the MODS® be set underground. This configuration provides extreme F4 and F5 protection against the worst Mother Nature can throw your way.

Last year, as part of the humanitarian relief effort, MODS® International donated a single family living unit to a displaced family of the F3 El Reno twister that struck near Union City, Oklahoma. Watch the following video to learn how MODS® helped this one family in need of fast, comfortable shelter.

June 17 2013 Union City Oklahoma: MODS helps out after Tornado – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |
More photos of the MODS® 2013 humanitarian relief effort.
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